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About us


The Art Of Classic Interior Styles, Exclusive Designs Of Furniture And Genuine Accessories

The M&FLUXURY FURNITURE Company founded by Imran and Faisal in 2012 with great agility to provide a unique style in luxury furniture throughout the area in general and to the whole country particularly. They have great got great success because of their fineness in furniture design that’s a cop up with the ever-changing modern styles.

M&FLUXURY furniture item is a creative invention that is first chalked out on a piece of paper, whereupon the careful choice of quality materials and colors render it fashionably subtle ultimately. M&FLUXURY’s furniture combines elegance and popular modern design in a way that makes the eye-catching interior design to the greater level

“M&FLUXURY FURNITURE leaves no room for compromise when it comes to the level of quality of materials and creativity of designs as a whole.”


The idea came when both these creative minds started decorating their own homes in a traditional but unique way with the creative modern style furniture. When nothing would satisfy them, they decided to expose their guts of creativity through the items of furniture. They never compromised on the quality of materials and colors and their creativity of designs whatsoever.

“If the first created design of an item of furniture is the blooming flower, then the material used for is the stem. A flower cannot exist without its strong stem.”

Your creativity in style and design is a way to express who you are without having to say a word quod minus id quod maxime placeat facere

Quality materials, luxury furniture

The wrong and low-quality materials may detract easily but not for a longer time and such material can never attract those who have an in-born taste for creativity and uniqueness in quality of materials and pure colors. The M&F’s designs, feature materials such as high-quality leather, bronze, marble, and walnut. Rich materials that make a powerful, yet natural impression not only for the customers’ satisfaction but as a whole.